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 Ann-Marie Russell B.A.Sci (Hons) MAPS, Psychologist
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Ann-Marie Russell B.A.Sci (Hons) MAPS, Psychologist

Ann-Marie Russell is the director and founder of Integrated Education & Communication Pty Ltd (IEC).  Ann-Marie is a qualified psychologist, whose career began in 1992, working with the Department of Human Services as a team memeber assisting both adolescents and adults to achieve independence in a home environment.
While completing her Psychology degree at Deakin University under the supervision of Dr. L. J. Hall, Ann-Marie specialised in Behavioural and Educational Psychology and it was through her studies that Ann-Marie developed a true passion for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  In her early years of study she worked with a number of families who had very little information and professional support, but a wealth of dedication to explore alternative approaches of intervention such as ABA.  While completing her qualification, Ann-Marie became a volunteer counsellor with Crisis Line (later known as Care Ring), and worked full-time with a number of children who have Autism and related developmental disabilities.  During this period Ann-Marie implemented ABA programs, established and extended her PECS training, visited and integrated children into school, collected and analysed endless amounts of data, completed functional assessments of challenging behaviours, and completed her thesis on 'Increasing facial recognition of emotion in young children with Autism.'
Through her extensive study combined with 'hands on' experience, Ann-Marie has an insight into human development and behaviour and based on her success in applying the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, developed an approach that is both simple and unique.  Due to her vast exposure and knowledge in this field, Ann-Marie has been approached by many private and educational institutions in Victoria such as Deakin and The Autism Behavioural Intervention Association (ABIA), to present on topics such as Human Development and Learning Theory, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Integration, Picture Communication, and Reducing Challenging Behaviours.
Ann-Marie is currently a member of the Australia Psychological Society Ltd., the Victorian Registration board for Psychology, and an active committee member of the ABIA.
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